Rock Band solo instruments planned for ASAP release

RockbandI’m pretty sure the whole concept of Rock Band was the first thought that came to anyone who’s ever played Guitar Hero. That’s why, when I first heard about Rock Band, I immediately had to change my pants. (Several times)

It was a dream come true. Those of us who weren’t born with this thing called musical talent will finally be able to play our favorite songs… with any instrument.

Then came the thought… wait I have to pay $169? This is going to seriously be a problem (I’m 100% paying $169). But what if you don’t want to shell out that dough, and just want to be a drummer and never touch any other instrument? Or singer for that matter?

Don’t you worry, Alex Rigopulos CEO of Harmonix, is thinking of you every step of the way. "The highest priority is to make sure that as many people as possible can have the multi-instrument band experience this holiday. We are working diligently to get individual instruments into the channel as soon as humanly possible."

Which may mean not launch day. But Alex has you covered on that angle too. He’s thought it out and offers the suggestion to "not that standalone software will be available at launch… people will most likely be able to use their existing peripherals with Rock Band. Furthermore, we know that many, many friends are planning to purchase a Rock Band bundle together, along with extra copies of the software, and then share the individual instruments among them."

And it’s genius thinking like that, that got Alex to where he is.


via [nex-gen]


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