Rock Band to kick Guitar Hero in the frets

rockbandWhen there are two similar competing games, some handy advice to separate your game from the mix is to make yours bigger and flashier. Now that Activision’s Guitar Hero III is available in retail, the days are counting down till EA’s Rock Band makes its grand debut.

Ripten chatted with MTV’s spokesperson Ton-Essa L’Rocque and got the details on what makes Rock Band better than Guitar Hero III. Those are fighting words, but hey, it’s just business. Topics discussed include Rock Band’s authenticity and the game’s release date.

Regarding Rock Band’s authenticity, L’Rocque said:

"What they tried to do with Rock Band was go for authenticity. For instance, Fender really designed the guitars. Rollins and Boss did the drums and the pedals. It’s more of a love for music and also gaming so what they wanted to do was merge.

If you look at the guitars they are more realistic. The p’s are actually flush on the neck and they have a longer neck. Because of the authenticity and the whole band being able to play live or on set, there’s really no comparison."

As for the release date, even L’Rocque isn’t really sure about a concrete date. "I’ve heard the 20th, I’ve heard the 23rd. It’s unofficial." I’d go with a release sometime in two weeks, at least. Rock on Harmonix, rock on.


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