Rockstar feels "terrible" about GTA IV issues

Rockstar sorryThe problems with GTA IV crashing and freezing on PS3s and Xbox 360s are apparently more than just a fable. Internet gaming sites are reporting the instability of the game and Rockstar has heard the cries of the citizens on the streets of Liberty City and elsewhere.

What did Rockstar say? A customer support rep said, "I feel terrible about this." Or for you Charles Barkley fans, Rockstar feels "turrible."

Not exactly a great consolation to those who have hit the wall while playing GTA IV.

The issues occur when certain PS3s and Xbox 360s freeze during the opening scenes of the game or while exiting multiplayer mode. The player then finds that the game prevents any further advancement in gameplay or locks out all game modes altogether. The condition, according to reports, affects some consoles, but there is no determination on why specific consoles are affected by this problem.

Not a good thing.

In the meanwhile, Rockstar is fervently looking into why this is happening. If they don’t release a fix quickly, there may be a contract taken out on the testers who let this awful bug slip by them.

[via gamepro]


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