Rockstar fuels the console war with GTA4

GTA4 guns consolesUsually, console manufacturers don’t like it when game developers and/or publishers say mean things about their particular platform.  This is especially true when it involves the common question, "which system will the game be better on?"

Recently, Rockstar PR guy Hosi Simon tried his best not to pick sides when discussing the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 4 for Xbox 360 and PS3, but just couldn’t refrain from pointing out the better value.  He said:

"They’re identical games. We’re not hardware makers, and we’re not like a pawn between these companies, we try not to be as much as we can. We make great games for people to enjoy on whichever system they want."

Ok, he’s still in the safety zone with that statement, but then he got a little excited:

"But I guess if you want the complete experience with the episodes, then yeah, you should buy the 360, I suppose."

Additionally, when questioned if there would be any advantages to owning the PS3 version of the game, he responded, "not that I can think of."

So much for neutrality, but I’m glad he told it like it is.  All too often, truthful comments are castrated by the fear of possible repercussions.  In this case the answer is obvious, though – the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 4 will be the recipient of episodic upgrades, while the PS3 version will not.  Simple.


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Eddie has been writing about games on the interwebz for over ten years. You can find him Editor-in-Chiefing around these parts, or talking nonsense on Twitter @eddieinzauto.

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