RPG elements returning to GTA IV; more details revealed

GTAguysIn an interview with TOXM (Turkish Official Xbox Magazine), some more details about GTA IV were revealed.

One of new additions to the game is more RPG elements. In GTA: San Andreas, main character C.J. had various stats and skills that would improve over time like shooting, driving, swimming, etc.

In addition to that system returning in GTA IV, missions will adopt a more traditional real-world system; in other words, if a mission requires you to take a train somewhere and you miss the train, you can’t do the mission. While that example seems a bit sketchy, hopefully more information about the system is released.

Continuing the traditional real-world sense, repeatedly crashing cars won’t net you a nifty explosion. Apparently now, in GTA IV, vehicles can only explode with a flick of your finger on a rocket launcher pointed at vehicles. There’s no word if you can target gas tanks, though.

Other interesting details include:

  • A slight "vibration" in every step when you run.
  • The HUD has been completely removed and replaced with visual clues (your armor will visually deteriorate, for example).
  • The flame thrower and the aforementioned rocket launcher will return.
  • You can run forever (Niko doesn’t get tired) but you won’t run just as fast for prolonged periods.
  • Our favorite gore and blood will return in full force.
  • Bullet wounds, blood seeping through bullet holes will appear on hapless victims along with holding of limbs if they happen to get shot. Apparently running someone over is "quite disturbing," according to some political action groups.
  • Girlfriends, eating and working out have been removed.

[Via CVG]


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