Rumor: 160GB PS3 SKU on the way?

Ken Kutaragi PS3I write about games every single day. It’s my job to hold within my cranium an extremely large amount of gaming knowledge. Yet I can’t fully distinguish between all the different versions of the PlayStation 3. Some are backward compatible, some have different sized HDD’s, and some have games packed in.

To make matters worse, the whole cycle starts all over again when you travel to a new territory, as evidenced by Frank’s story from earlier today about the new PAL only SKU with Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted boxed in.

Nevertheless, Sony is rumored to be releasing yet another variation on its PlayStation 3. This version is said to contain either a 120gb or 160gb HDD, as well as one of the new Dual Shock 3 controllers with rumble. Why the massive memory storage capacity? Apparently, Sony is preparing for their inevitable launch of the downloadable music and movies service. It will also come in handy for Sony’s PlayTV initiative that will allow gamers to watch and record television via their console.

I just don’t think that I should have to study a spreadsheet to figure out what the heck is going on with this machine. If the gaming enthusiasts are having this much trouble keeping track of what the machine does, I have no idea what makes them think that the average consumer is going to have even the slightest clue.

However, in doing so, they will be forced to raise the price again. No hints have been given as to what this price point may be. Although, most companies tend to raise the HDD capacity on their console, because it’s a cheap way to make people think the extra cost is justified. An extra 80gb of HDD space might only cost Sony/MS $20 dollars, but they’ll sure as hell charge $80 for it.

Arguably the two top things plaguing Sony throughout the past year of struggles has been a high cost and customer confusion. Yet, these are the two brick walls Sony is intent on trying to run through. As I would in a real life, non metaphorical setting…I’m betting on the wall.



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