Rumor: DS Price Drop and New Wii Colors

Nintendo Ds When you’ve sold millions of systems and redefined the way gamers play games, one has to stop and wonder, "now what?" Nintendo has been steamrolling across both the console and portable planets, with both their systems still red hot with hardcore and casual gamers.

They’ve sold millions, and it doesn’t look like anything is going to be stopping them in the near future. Anyone with this type of position would be content, but not Nintendo. Rumors are beginning to stir that a price drop for the Nintendo DS and a new color for the Wii are a possibility.

While not groundbreaking, one can see why Nintendo would pursue these avenues. With the DS and Wii selling such astronomical amounts there will come a point when the market is saturated. Everyone will own the consoles and Nintendo’s sales will plummet.

But with a DS price drop, Nintendo can reach out to potential customers still on the ropes, or maybe even get those hardcore Nintendo fanboys to purchase a second DS just for the heck of it. Same goes with the Wii with a new color. Not functionally different, but just novel enough to make the hardcore fans gobble it up.

If these rumors turn out to be true, expect them to take effect during this holiday season and for Nintendo’s domination to continue on, into the new year.

[via Vooks]


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