Rumor: Impending mass GameSpot staff exodus?

this way outJeff Gerstmann may not be the only one leaving GameSpot; according to some rumors on Kotaku, some of GameSpot’s editorial staff are thinking of hitting the road too.

A GameSpot employee, who asked to remain nameless, spoke to Kotaku and recalled a lot of despairing events that have taken place after Gerstmann’s firing. The source stated, "Our credibility is in ruins." In addition, insiders say that other GameSpot editors have expressed their intentions to leave as well.

Echoing Gerstmann’s own words, money apparently hasn’t played a role in the fiasco. The GameSpot source mentions that "Money has never played a role in reviews before," and that "[GameSpot] has never altered a score."

In addition, the removal of Gertsmann’s video review of Kane and Lynch on GameSpot may have been caused by reasons more pedestrian then first thought. His video was pulled due to shoddy work, according to the insider. "Jeff showed up late. It was thrown together quickly, the sound sucked, there was only footage from the first level of the game—it was a mess."

The source hints that Gerstmann’s leaving may have been attributed to tensions between GameSpot’s VP of games Josh Larson, and Gertsmann. Looks like there were some disagreements between the two over the years.

[with additional reporting by Frank Ling]


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