Rumor puts Call of Duty 5 as console exclusive

CoD4While this is far from official news it is still quite interesting. The Admin of the popular CoD4 Boards has created a thread in which he has cobbled together links and articles from all over the Internet that point towards Call of Duty 5 being console only.

There seems to be a number of articles that point towards Activison wanting to release a Call of Duty game once a year, and one developer will certainly not be enough to get this done. So far, Infinity Ward have developed both PC and console versions of their CoD games (CoD1, CoD2 and CoD4), while Treyarch have developed only for consoles (CoD2:BRO and CoD3).

So by that measure, the next installment in the CoD series could well be developed by Treyarch and be console only. Of course this is all rumour, but it is still very interesting.

[via CoD4Boards]


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