Ryzom Bankruptcy II: The Curse of Reliquification

rysomYeah, you heard it right, Ryzom is turning its newest owners bankrupt too. I’m calling it a curse, and encouraging no one to touch this project ever again. Just let it die… or risk death yourself!

Just two weeks ago, the MMO Ryzom, celebrated its third Anniversary with an announcement of bankruptcy by GameForge, the second owners of the game. This happened just 10 months after the last company who bought Ryzom, Nevrax France, declared bankruptcy. Ryzom’s just caught up to my friend who wrecked 2 cars in 10 months. What did he do? HE STOPPED DRIVING.

The last time Ryzom was in dire straights, The Free Ryzom Campaign emerged and raised over 200,000 Euroes to help save the game. GameForge picked up the rest of the tab, and TFRC turned into the Virtual Citizenshup Association, which has really done nothing with their extra funds.

Well, The VCA has grown large enough where they can try and buy up the assets before they’re liquefied, and are seriously considering it. And if that happens, this will be the second time this MMO has been saved by its own community.

If you’re a Ryzom fan, pray to the Ryzom gods and sit tight. You’re in for a rough ride. And VCA? Get ready for bankruptcy in 10 months.

[via sor.warcry]


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