Sabotuer makes it's debut

There’s something cool about Saboteur that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s simply that all these years of gaming have trained me with repitition and thus I get excited when I see new things. Saboteur is most definitely that. The main character himself is certainly a rare breed of game character. He’s kind of a misogynist and a self-important jerk. I know that’s a lot to infer from this short video, but I have a vivid imagination. These traits are extremely rare in todays landscape of self-sacrificing save-the-world-for-the -sake-of-the-children, idyllic heroes. Anyways, I think the character is interesting. Decide for yourself. Maybe you guys can come up with theories as to why the star of this game is blatantly Irish when the setting is in France.


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