Save Bug Kills Dead or Alive 4

Xbox 360 owners are wondering if their copies of Dead or Alive 4 are dead or alive. Recent news has surfaced that the fighting game has a fatal flaw in it. Game saves disappear without warning. To put a twist on Martha Stewart™s signature phase, we would say that this is not a good thing. One incident of the DOA4 bug was reported in a game forum on GameSpot. The unlucky gamer reported that, "I played a few more sessions after that, and then booted up the game again only to find out that all of my save data was gone. All of my unlocked characters, costumes, leader-board achievements, online ranking, ALL GONE!" We can understand and live with the agony of losing the characters, online ranking and leader board achievements. But losing ALL OF OUR COSTUMES? Now THAT’S where we draw the line. Temco replied to inquiries about the DOA4 save bug error by saying, "We’re aware of the issue… We’re working to identify and resolve the potential problem with the technical folks at Microsoft." The initials of the game title, DOA may take on a different meaning now. Instead of representing the words Dead or Alive, it now seems to be Dead on Arrival. No word has been given as to when the fix will be available.


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