Save XP petition supporters ask for more signatures

dodo birdThe dodo bird pictured to the left became extinct sometime in the 17th century. But if things continue the way they are going right now for Microsoft’s XP, it will be just as dead as the dodo bird unless steps are taken to prevent this from happening.

A petition, Save Windows XP, continues to garner supporters and InfoWorld is trying to change the situation by appealing for more signatures in order to convince Microsoft to keep XP a viable alternative for PC users.

Windows XP will see the last rays of light on June 30, 2008. From that day on no OEM shrink wrapped copies of XP will be sold by Microsoft. What this means to computer builders is that Vista will be replacing XP in new PCs; XP will be gone forever.

So how much impact could a mere petition have? InfoWorld says:

"Don’t think Microsoft will listen? Consider this: Although Microsoft denies that anything is wrong with Vista or that most people don’t want it, the company has already postponed XP’s demise by six months. That’s a start, but it’s not good enough.

"Microsoft doesn’t have to admit failure; it can just say it will keep XP available indefinitely due to customer demand. It can take that opportunity to try again with a better Vista, or just move on to the next version that maybe this time we’ll all actually want."

So are you dreading the future of a Vista dominated PC society? If you want XP to survive and not fall under the guillotine of Microsoft’s sharp blade you can sign the petition here. But beware, make sure you specify that you don’t want any "announcements" concerning products from other vendors.


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