Schafer announces new game… kinda.

doublefineIf you are like us at GamerNode, you’ll gobble up anything Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions dish out. Last month, we followed a tiny rumor that Double Fine’s next game would be revealed at GC ’07 but unfortunately, the trail ran cold.

Between insanity and silently holding my copy of Grim Fandango, I keep scouring the Internet skies for Schafer news. Surprise, surprise, they announced a new game today!…kinda.

In an epic press announcement, the game is now available for play here and you play the "part of a barbaric hero in an epic fantasy world, fighting his way from Rock and Roll Hell to Rock and Roll Heaven."

Jokes aside, all this attention to Double Fine’s website and Schafer’s name lately has to lead somewhere. Last month, Schafer hinted at GC ’07 and this month, we got a website redesign and this little game bite. Something is going down soon, and you won’t be disappointed.


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