Secret document refers to new Xbox 360

future 360An inside informant, going by the name of GilZ, seems to always have the hot tips on what Microsoft is up to. He gave several hints in the past that indicated the arrival of the Xbox 360 Elite, and moist recently, the across the board price drops on all models of the 360.

His latest inside info is backed by a hastily taken photo of a document which shows the code name of a new Xbox 360.

According to the document, if it is real, the new Xbox has the final code name of "Xbox-Pure." And now, for the theory on what it all could mean. It probably isn’t the next gen Xbox because the first code name for this possible new edition was named "Xbox-Lean." (see photo below)

Okay Sherlock, since it was called Xbox-Lean, we’d take a guess and say that lean means smaller and thinner. So our bet is that a new Xbox 360 model is coming out that is more diminutive than the present Xbox 360.

If true, I certainly would like the smaller, quieter, and less power-hungry model. Hopefully, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy one, if it ever comes out, that is.

[via cheapassgamer]

xbox doc


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