Sega pledges to support PS2 for years to come

pink PS2In a gaming world where PS3s, Xbox 360s and Wiis dominate market share, one game console still persists in making itself heard over the other gaming behemoths–the venerable 7 year old PS2. One supporter, Sega, vows that it will back the PS2 for a long time.

Simon Jeffrey told MCV that he believes the PS2 has a good, long life ahead.

Sega’s confidence in the PlayStation 2 is strong, "We believe that the PS2 will be around for quite some time. This generation of hardware will have longer legs than any previous generation, and that’s definitely healthy for the industry.

"We expect Sony to price manage the PS2’s shelf life for another two or three years at least. PS2 high profile titles, especially ‘wide market’ and licensed titles will absolutely be part of the Sega portfolio going forwards."

The PS2 has an established user base of over 117 million people. These figures translate to a market that is still alive, well and ready to accept new games for their machines. While the allurement of getting a next gen machine is great, the pure economics of continuing or buying the very affordable PS2 is still a strong motivation for many people to remain in the PS2 camp.

By-the-way, developers also reap the benefits of staying with the PS2 as well–it’s less expensive to develop for.



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