Sell your name for $95 million to Ubisoft

tom clancyOf course, your name would have to be Tom Clancy to do so.

Last week, news of Tom Clancy selling the rights of his name to Ubisoft for any and all future game projects was reported. What we didn’t know was how much Clancy cashed in on his name.

According to Wedbush Morgan, an industry analyst firm, good old Tom made out like a bandit and received an estimated $95 million from Ubisoft.

I’d sell half my name for half the price, but then again, my name isn’t Tom Clancy.

Ubisoft will use Clancy’s name on upcoming video games and related projects. The deal will save Ubisoft an estimated $7.9 million a year in royalties that would have gone to the writer turned game producer. Evidently, we’ll see quite a few games in the future with Tom Clancy’s name on it if Ubisoft has any say in the matter, and by the way, they most certainly do now.

In related news, Ubisoft’s latest Clancy game, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is topping the charts in North America and the UK as the number one game for the Xbox 360.

[via gameindustry]


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