Senator calls game industry "purveyors of violence"

Yee and Manhunt 2State Senator Leland Yee (D) of California took it upon himself to issue a warning to parents about the release of Manhunt 2 on Halloween and its dangers upon the youth of our nation.

In his comments, he referred to the games industry as the "purveyors of violence." The following is from Yee’s official press release.

"Not surprisingly, this game is being released on Halloween. Halloween already presents many safety concerns for parents. With the release of Manhunt 2, parents will now face a new challenge from the purveyors of violence.

"It is imperative that parents avoid purchasing this game for their children and always review the video games their children are playing. Ultra-violent, interactive video games such as Manhunt 2 can have negative effects on our children."

Attacking the video game industry has proven to be an easy target with some politicians who see these opportunities as a means to gather support from their constituency while getting valuable press coverage at the same time.

Yee’s sincerity in the matter is doubtful at best as Yee backed off of on his anti-game stance while speaking at last year’s Game Developers Conference and called the game industry his "partners" in dealing with the violent games issue.

Yee said at the time, "My ultra-violent video game bill was never against the gaming community or the gaming industry whatsoever. I see [them] as partners in trying to make things better for our children.

"I thought it was a good opportunity [in this panel] for me to at least correct some of the misunderstandings and put a face behind this Assemblyman Leland Yee. [So people could see that]… ‘he’s clearly not a crazy radical anti-video game [politician]…’"

Apparently, since rising to the office of senator, Yee has had another change of heart…again.

[via gamepolitics]


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