Old Republic fans experiencing serious product code issues

Symbolism here has Satele as the users and Malgus as the issues beating down upon them.

Star Wars: The Old Republic finally launched yesterday to the glee of several Star Wars and MMO fans, but there is a substantial chunk of those people who are still without their product codes or dealing with issues surrounding the codes they have received.

Over on the SWTOR Forums, purchasers of the game are claiming that they have received errors while inputting their codes to the SWTOR website before final confirmation. When trying to reenter the codes, they are then told the they have already been redeemed. Others have pre-ordered their copy digitally on Origin and have not received their product code emails when they were supposed to be sent over the weekend.

Many users have reported being given the customer support and ticket system runaround, being told how to put their product code in or that they had actually input their pre-order code instead. A few who have contacted Origin customer support have been told it’s an issue with the game and are then redirected to SWTOR customer support.

However, there are a some that hadn’t receive codes who are finally getting their issues resolved. Instructions have been posted by members on how to reach the correct intended customer support channel in order to have a new email sent to them with the product code, while others have been informed by BioWare representatives of how to find the product code on the Origin client itself.

This hasn’t solved all the problems, as these solutions have nothing to do with the problems of users being told their keys have already been redeemed when they haven’t. Even those amongst the fans who haven’t received their codes are reporting that they cannot click on any symbols in the Origin client, making it impossible for them to view their product code, or that the client only shows their pre-order codes.

To make matters worse, the majority, if not all, of these gamers have already been billed for their copy of the game. Some of the more unfortunate ones with more complicated issues have been billed twice.

BioWare has apparently been aware of problems similar to this since December 15 and has been working to resolve the issues, but there have been no official updates from any community management or public relations representative since on either the company’s progress or the new issues.

[SWTOR Forums]


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