Sony CEO says PS3 failed to meet expectations

PS3 console/controllerWith the Playstation 3 being out for a little more than a year, Sony evaluated it’s sales and in the end were displeased.

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton has admitted that the PlayStation 3 has failed to meet the firm’s high hopes during its first year on sale.Speaking to MSNBC, Tretton said:

"I think the PS3’s first year fell short of what we’d ideally like. But if you put it into perspective, we’re not taking the safe route. We didn’t take the PS2 and add a few bells and whistles to it. What we’re trying to do here is refocus the game industry towards high-definition gaming, a real state-of-the-art, future-proof machine for the next decade.

"The beauty of this business is that it isn’t all about one day, it isn’t all about one title, or one month. I think there’s a tremendous amount of software for the holiday season – 160 games coming out on PS3 alone for this holiday, on top of the 200 games that have already been out there, so there’s more than enough great software for consumers to sink their teeth in for the holidays.

"We’ve got 19 exclusives, and again, I think that’s something that’s a pretty amazing feat in the first year of a platform’s lifecycle. And they’re not just games that are exclusive for the sake of exclusivity, they’re games that are built and differentiated for the PS3 and just couldn’t be done on any other platform."

Let’s all make a quick checklist of what Mr. Tretton just described to us.

  • PS3 fell short of its expectations. We gamers sensed this from the beginning.

  • The PS3 is pumping out enough games this holiday season for everyone to be happy.

  • 19 games exclusively on the PS3. Exclusivity is a major topic of conversation these days, with many people thinking it will go the way of the dinosaur. However the PS3 is making sure that some of the exclusive games just couldn’t be made on any other platform (which could be debated).

Even though the PS3 didn’t live up quite as high as Sony hoped it would, it’s definitely picking up some steam. So what do you think Noders, should we forgive PS3 for it’s performance last year and look towards the future?

[via spongychicken]


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