Sony denies. Harai confirms. 60GB PS3 phased out

kazharaiThe shock of hearing the news that the PS3 60GB model is being discontinued by Sony has the gaming world reeling in disbelief and shock.

Sony denied the statements made by Sony Europe boss David Reeves about the phasing out of the PS3 60GB model in the US by saying, ""Those quotes from David Reeves are not accurate. He said that if they had lowered the price in Europe, that territory would have run out of their current inventory by the end of July," according to

But according to an interview conducted by VGTV, none other than Kaz Harai, President of Sony Entertainment, confirmed and reiterated the story – the PS3 60GB model, for all intents and purposes in the US, is dead.

Harai said, "The $499 price adjustment that we did for the 60GB version for the American market – we’re no longer in production for that product. So once that product is gone from the retailer’s shelves then we’re back to the $599 [product price] only…"

The revelation that the price reduction of the PS3 is basically a "clearance sale," has not only angered the Sony faithful, but has given rise to some serious concerns about the competency of Sony management and how they are running the PS3 division.

For the taped interview, go to VGTV. The video was done by a Scandinavian website. Harai’s statements about the PS3 60GB model occur approximately at the one minute and 40 second mark.


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