Sony shows off new hardware at Leipzig GC

The Leipzig Game Convention kicked off earlier this week, with a variety of the industry’s most prominent publishers in attendance showing off their latest titles slated for release this fall in addition to what’s coming out next year.

Of the three console manufacturers, Sony, without a doubt, possesses the largest presence there, with Little Big Planet displays and banners located all throughout the convention center.

Though the industry veteran is tightly crossing its fingers that its charming title will be the system seller it wants it to be, it also has more to offer before the end of the year.

Since its release a little over two years ago, the PS3 has received a few revisions to cut the cost of manufacturing the console in an effort to offer it to consumers at a more attractive price point. While it’s no secret Sony has invested more money on the third iteration of the PlayStation than any of its predecessors, its method of yielding more money to recoup its losses is to not just release the system as a standalone product, but in the form of bundles as well.

Following up its limited Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle is the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune PS3 Bundle, which will be available at retail this November for $499. The package features the following: a PS3 (complete with a 160 GB hard drive), a Dual Shock 3 wireless controller, a redeemable code for a free download of PAIN, and as the title of the bundle suggests, a copy of Naughty Dog’s first game for the system.

Realizing that messaging friends by using the controller feels like a chore, Sony will be releasing a wireless keypad adapter that snaps onto the top of the controller in late November.

In addition to two hotkeys (one that allows for easier access to the friend’s list on the cross media bar and another that brings up a message box during gameplay), the keypad also has a mode where the keys collectively function as a touch pad (where your finger can be slid across them to guide the on-screen cursor), which is intended for smoother menu navigation. As an added plus, the device will also be compatible with other Bluetooth devices.

Although the PSP received a significant upgrade last year with the release of the PSP Slim, Sony has made a few notable upgrades to the model. Not only will it do away with the annoyance of reflection on the system’s LCD screen while playing it outdoors, but it will sport a broadened range of color allowing for more vibrant visuals. See the difference for yourself:

In addition to the significant changes to the screen, a microphone has been implemented into the bottom of the Slim’s face, allowing for voice communication in games that have online multiplayer and Skype.

Like last year, Sony will be offering the latest version of its handheld in both an Entertainment Pack and Core Pack (retailing at $199 and $179 respectively). The former includes a silver colored PSP Slim, a copy of Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, a 1 GB memory stick, a redeemable code for the unique PSP puzzler Echochrome and a National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets UMD.

The Entertainment Pack is scheduled for release sometime an October with the Core Pack (which only contains a Piano Black PSP Slim) to follow soon after.

[Via PlayStation.Blog]

[PSP Slim 2000 vs PSP Slim 3000 comparison picture courtesy of Famitsu]



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