Sony starts another standards war!

Sony TransferJetSo you know that whole Blu-Ray format that everyone has been talking about for many months–Sony came up with that idea. And it was straight to the ring against Microsoft’s HD-DVD in what would be soon called the next gen DVD format wars.

Since the introduction of both of these formats the war raged on, until recently when more film studios started to back up Blu-Ray. Looks like Sony won that battle, but a new struggle might be erupting in the next few weeks, the wireless USB transfer war.

True, the wireless USB standard isn’t anything new, with big companies such as IBM, Microsoft, HP and Samsung already making products for it. Sony however is introducting a new wave of wireless USB transfer tech called TransferJet.

What is TransferJet exactly? "TransferJet is an extremely simple wireless technology which eliminates the need for complex set-up and operation," said Sony. "For example, just touching a TV with a digital camera enables photos to be instantly displayed on the screen. Alternatively, downloaded music content can be enjoyed by touching a mobile phone to a portable audio player."

Wow that sounds really cool! Of course that is what we are all gonna say now, but when this becomes the norm its marvel will be forever gone.

According to vnunet, "TransferJet operates at an effective speed of 375Mbps, compared to 480Mbps for wireless USB. In addition TransferJet has a range of only 3cm, compared to 3-10 metres for wireless USB."  But all you need to do is touch!

So do you think this will catch on? Sony has been in this situation before when they introduced their Blu-Ray and memory sticks in the past.



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