Sony to buy Rockstar? Yeah, probably not.

rebukestoryAccording to fan site Playstation Universe, SCEI is currently looking to buyout superstar developer Rockstar from Take Two Interactive.

The site claims to have been "out to dinner with the developers," when an unnamed source from SCEI mentioned that they wanted to "take them under their wings."

Since neither company has commented on this as of yet, allow me to rebuke this story single handed.



  • First of all, SCEI does not have the money to spend on a buyout of a developer the size of Rockstar. Especially in the amounts that Take Two would make them pay. Remember how much Microsoft paid for Rare? It would be MUCH worse.
  • Sony is not in the habit of buying developers just for exclusives, only Microsoft has those kinds of pockets.
  • Rockstar loves the multiplatform approach. They would resist being sold to a console manufacturer, simply because multiplatform strategy just makes them all so rich.
  • The sale would not affect the current contracts for GTA 4. Which means Sony would be releasing a product on a Microsoft system. That’s not going to happen any time this generation. (In the future maybe. Just look and Sega and Nintendo nowadays, they’re thick as thieves those two.
  • Lastly, what does that even mean, "take them under our wings"? That could mean anything. For instance, maybe Sony just wants to give them better tools and help during the development process.

Anyways, you get the idea. This is one rumor that you shouldn’t put too much stock into.


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