South Park approached Obsidian about new game

The new RPG from Obsidian

Before today, not much was known about South Park: The Game with exception that it is a RPG by Obsidian Entertainment and players will take the role of the new kid in town. But now Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart has opened up on the game’s development and revealed that South Park itself approached the developer about the game.

“What was interesting about it is that we were actually contacted directly by South Park,” said Urquhart. “Normally that’s not how it works because usually a publisher calls us to say, ‘Hey, we have a license. We want you to make a game.'”

This different approach at creating an adaptation meant that Trey Parker and Matt Stone themselves would be involved  in the creation of the game, who unsurprisingly to their fans are big gamers themselves.

“They both play a ton of games,” continued Urquhart. “Trey’s put I don’t know how many hours – 80, 90, 100 hours – into Oblivion and things like that. So a lot of it was saying, ‘How could we take South Park…What’s their vision for South Park in relation to all the games that we’ve played?”

The duo and developer decided that they needed to make the game look exactly like the television show, right down to the construction paper visuals. Obsidian then proceeded to create Stan Marsh’s house, both exterior and interior, with Randy Marsh playing Guitar Hero in his underwear inside.

“Then you can go into the kitchen and pick up a spatula and it became an axe with all this kind of crazy stuff going on,” stated Urquhart. “And you could jump around, you could kind of swing your axe. You could change yourself from different skin colors and a spiked helmet and different hair and things like that.”

Once the developer felt it nailed the look down, Parker and Stone were brought back in to see the fruits of labor. The show’s creators were blown away.

“We were showing it and Matt immediately picked up the controller and started playing around and was like, ‘This is just like the show,'” said Urquhart. “He even went straight up to the screen and said, ‘Wow, that’s the construction paper!’ He could see the texture of the construction paper.”

With the aesthetics all set, Obsidian is now hard at work creating the game itself. What that will entail, as Urquhart describes it, is a deep yet fun roleplaying system that will allow fans to “experience as much of the world [of South Park] as possible.”

To see the full interview and hear more from Urquhart on the game, simply follow the source link below.

[Game Informer]


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