Special edition Darth Vader Wii for only $15,000

darth vaderOK, I admit it. I am a Star Wars fan. I’ve got a first edition Darth Vader mug, an authentic and rare Star Wars Trilogy button, an assortment of various fast food giveaways, seen each episode a billzion times and of course, Star Wars comics and such.

But this item put up recently on eBay has got to be the most expensive piece of Star Wars collectable merchandise that I’ve ever seen–a Darth Vader edition Wii that the crook, oh sorry, eBay seller is trying to swindle, oh sorry again, sell for $15,000.

He claims that the item was only one of four manufactured to promote Lucas Arts’ "Unleash the Force" game. This alone should tip off anyone that this guy isn’t too knowledgeable because the proper title is "The Force Unleashed."

I think anyone with a little artistic talent could go out and buy a $10 can of spray paint and use a stencil to a create similar, if not better effect. You also get in this rip-off, oh sorry, bundle:

1 Vader Edition, Star Wars Wii Console
Wii Console Stand
2 Black Wii Remotes
Wii Remote Jacket
2 Black Nunchuk
1 Black Sensor Bar
Wii AC Adapter
Wii AV Cable

Wii Play Disc – 9 Games (Find Mii, Table Tennis, Pose Mii, Laser Hockey, Billiards, Fishing, Charge, Tanks, Shooting Range)
Wii Sports Disc – 5 Games (Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Super Mario Galaxy

Free next day shipping included!

So far, the auction has ended without even one bidder. I wonder why?

[via eBay]

darth vader wii



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