Speed Racer going to the small screen too

Speed RacerSome fans are panting over the Speed Racer film by the Wachowski brothers which is due to be released sometime in 2008. But what is also noteworthy (and entirely expected) is a tie-in game to the movie.

The Speed Racer game will follow the action style of the movie and will resemble the film’s look as close as possible, according to Gameplanet.

Joel Silver, the film’s producer said, "We are very excited about this natural extension from the Speed Racer film to the videogame. Larry and Andy are videogame fans themselves, so they believe that an interactive game is a key component to the entire Speed Racer experience."

The Wychowski brothers also attempted to parlay the success of their Matrix films into video game profits with the release of The Matrix (2003) video game and The Matrix: Path of Neo (2005). Both titles received rather lukewarm ratings.

With the notable exception of Peter Jackson’s King Kong video game, the store shelves have been crowded with below par and downright substandard titles which are based upon their movie counterparts.

Hopefully, Speed Racer, the video game, will be able to finish the race with a respectable showing.


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