Splinter Cell official website "hacked"

Just in time to give those nefarious Americans a break from wolfing down turkey legs on Thanksgiving, a Russian entity has supposedly "hacked" Ubisoft’s official Splinter Cell website.

Initially announced via the company’s Twitter feed, Ubisoft has stated they are scrambling to resolve the issue; the funny thing is, this hack appears meticulously constructed in Flash, complete with a loading screen and flashy background effects. I’m not sure if anonymous hackers would wish to leave a calling card this garish–but everyday in Russia is opposite day, right?

Here is the translated message, thanks to the wonderfully accurate Google Translate:

"Occasionally the security system will be switched off for planned work and data protection. During such work may be a breach in security from external threats. Thus, all off would be a random character in accordance with a random pattern of Delta-3-6-Oscar"

The message contains a mysterious code phrased in the military alphabet. Upon decrypting the message through the NSA’s cipher matrix, we appear to reveal a secr–oh, who am I kidding. Nice try, Ubisoft.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is scheduled for a February 23, 2010 release on the PC and Xbox 360.



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