Square Enix reopens talks on a PS3 FFVII Remake

final fantasy VIIWhen the PlayStation 3 was first announced in 2005, they dazzled the world with a jaw dropping demo of a Final Fantasy VII remake. Shortly after, Square-Enix pulled the carpet out from our feet by officially stating that they had no intention of remaking it for the PS3.

And for the longest time, we were all broken hearted about the tease.

Earlier this week, Famitsu interviewed the creators of Crisis Core for the PSP. This game is part of the Final Fantasy VII compilation series, and looks pretty awesome. At end of the interview executive producer Yoshinori Kitase was asked about Square-Enix’s future projects.

During the talks, producer Hideki Imaizumi revealed subtle intentions of the Final Fantasy VII remake. The only thing that seems to be holding them back is that everyone at Square-Enix is working on Final Fantasy XIII. He also added that a new game would be announced at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

Imaizumi did however end by saying that there are currently no plans for the FFVII remake, but mentioned that a decision could be made at any time. Remember people, Square made the decision to make Crisis Core in only two days.

For once a company’s indecision is looking on the bright side! RPG fans, break out your champagne bottles and score one… er two, for the good guys.


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