Square Enix targets sword replicas

ffreplicaswordsThere is no question that the size of the Final Fantasy community is rivaled by few. Its fan base stretches across all ages, genders, and regions of the world. Sorry Halo 3 crowd, but you don’t have anything on Square-Enix’s fan base.

But a danger of there being such a huge pool of fans is sometimes they become overly excited about the games, music, and movies Square produces, and as a result step into illegal practices. Such is the case of several retailers who have been selling replica weaponry, specifically swords, from various Square Enix intellectual properties which include four games and one CGI movie.

After seizing shipments of the swords the retailers ultimately refused to reveal the identity of who was producing the counterfeit weaponry. Square’s only option was to bring in the courts. This is obviously a very tricky situation for Square to deal with since they are going after some of their most dedicated fans, in theory.

"We are actively pursuing those who commit intellectual property infringement against our company. Any illegal activities, including the sale and distribution of unauthorized replica merchandise and counterfeit jewelry, and the unauthorized copying of Square Enix games, music, movies, images, and other intellectual property, will be prosecuted. While Square Enix appreciates the enthusiasm of its fans, and values its relationship with them, it is also obligated to protect its intellectual property rights or risk weakening or losing the very rights that enable the company to continue to provide its fans with an exciting entertainment experience."

Makes sense. But hey Square how about making real swords for purchase so that no one has to go through a fiasco like this again? I know I’d buy a life-size Buster Sword, and I’m sure plenty of other fans would too.

[Via Gamasutra]


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