Square Enix Unveils new franchise for Xbox 360

Square EnixLet’s admit that the Xbox 360 RPG scene still isn’t the best. It’s certainly better than it used to be, but it’s still the one area where Microsoft’s console is lacking the most. Square Enix, being clever, has decided to capitalize on this weakness by being one of the premiere providers for the RPG genre on the 360. They are specifically creating an RPG franchise unique to the Xbox 360. That franchise is called Infinite Undiscovery, and will be hitting stores on Sept 2nd.

Predictably, the game looks like it will go deep into the roots of the Japanese RPG genres of the past in terms of both story and gameplay. Infinite Undiscovery will tell the tale of a young boy who must save the world from an evil Dreadknight and his organization, the Order of Chains. It’s not entirely original, but it is a Japanese RPG; what do we expect?

The gameplay is said to be a cross between Valkyrie Profile and the Star Ocean franchise. This means battles will be more real-time than traditional JRPGs and also create some consequences on the game world itself. Not a bad combo.

[Via Gamespot]


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