Square's promise: FFXIII to be released in 2008 [UPDATE]


Square has sent out an email earlier this evening with corrections on the translated quotes in question. It appears that Square’s announcement has been regarding the demo of the game, not the full thing. Look for a likely demo to drop in 2008, but as for the full game’s release date, your guess is as good as Square’s.


Promises, promises. They seem to always be said and most of the time broken, especially in the gaming business. Hearts can be broken, and tears might be shed — especially for you GTA and MGS fans. When a developer drops a release date on our heads, that a big gutsy move, something us gamers don’t take too much truth to.

Here comes Square-Enix announcing a 2008 release date for FF13. No date, just the year, which is plenty enough for us eager FF fans. But how much truth is really behind this, because I don’t want to have my heart broken or tears run down my face. According to Joystiq Mr. Testuya Nomura, character designer for FFXIII says that "the long wait for the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection will be over soon enough. Not only does he swear by the game’s 2008 release date, he teases at a playable demo for FFXIII on the PlayStation Network a while before the game is released, to show off the game’s revamped battle system."

So absolutely no date tied into this announcement, but to tell you the truth a December 31st, 2008 date would be fine by me. Knowing Square-Enix’s track record, I would’ve thought the game would come out Fall 09, but hey that is still very possbile. I’m glad SE made this bold statement but I’m not taking it to heart. A release of a new Final Fantasy game is like a football fan’s dream of going to the Superbowl for 60 bucks, front row, mid-field. So a broken promise would be you going to the Superbowl and at the ticket gate you get kicked out because the ticket you received was a fake, and then you spend the whole game underground in the stadium prison. "There’s always next year," you say to yourself as you rock back and forth on the cold, metal bed.

Don’t think I’ll forget this promise, Nomura!


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