Star Fox 64 3D Hands-On Preview

Countless hours were spent venturing through the Lylat system back on the Nintendo 64, and now with the 3DS, gamers are going back for more.

Star Fox 64 3D is shaping up to be an excellent remake of a classic game, giving the Star Fox franchise not only a fresh coat of 3D paint, but also the exposure and recognition it deserves.

Gameplay is just as fans will remember it: on-rails flight combat where the plane can fly and shoot anywhere on the visible screen. A will shoot lasers, B will drop bombs (as long as you use them wisely), and the shoulder buttons will perform evasive maneuvers. The top screen of the 3DS will be familiar territory for Star Fox fans, as it will show everything your TV showed you in the 64 era. The bottom screen will be dedicated to those who speak to Fox during his adventures. Your squadmates sometimes offer tips like using a boost to get through, and other times ask you to get that guy off of them. Every once in a while, an enemy will appear on the screen, telling you that he can’t let you do that, Star Fox.

One big new feature is the addition of motion controls to the game. Much like how Ocarina of Time 3D used the gyroscope to move, Star Fox 64 3D will let players use the gyroscope to control the ship. Instead of moving just the D-Pad or thumbpad, the entire system can be moved to guide Fox through the battles he’ll face. It takes some getting used to, but I found myself really enjoying the new control system.

Online multiplayer will make its franchise debut in Star Fox 64 3D, building on the existing multiplayer from the original game. Along with new gameplay modes, the inside camera on the 3DS will allow players to see the reactions of their opponents throughout the entire match. If there’s one thing online gameplay lacks, it’s seeing just how frustrated an opponent can get when they are bested, but Star Fox 64 3D will no doubt make up for it.

In case you missed it, here’s the official E3 trailer:

Star Fox 64 3D will fly into stores on September 11th of this year, only for the Nintendo 3DS.

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