Still want a Wii? The drought will continue

Wii DesertWhen Nintendo’s Wii was first launched almost a year and a half ago, who would’ve thought that shortages for the popular game console would still be here?

Those who are still looking for the rare machine won’t get a break from the drought as GameStop executives predict that there won’t be enough Wiis to meet demand for quite awhile.

GameStop COO Dan DeMatteo guesstimated that the Wii supply "won’t meet demand for the next 2 quarters," and that means at least six months. A quick look around the Internet seems to prove out his point as online websites such as and Circuit City still report the game console as being sold out.

Although the Wii isn’t expected to have any price drops in the near future DeMatteo thinks that there will be a $50 price drop for the Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime later this year. He says he doesn’t have any inside information on this happening but has a gut feeling that a price drop is coming.

The continued shortages of the Wii demonstrate that Nintendo was not only inaccurate in predicting how popular their machine would be but that the manufacturing process can’t seem to quite catch up with the immense demand. By the time Nintendo reaches a stage where it can produce enough of these machines for the public, will the public still be interested in buying them?

[via Gamasutra]


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