Stocks: "Sell Nintendo. Buy Sony/Microsoft"

WallstreetBloomberg is reporting some somewhat bizarre stock related gaming news today. As stock in Microsoft and Sony starts to rise, it seems that the exact opposite is happening to Nintendo. Against all logic and reason, their stock is falling. A majority of investment firms are listing Nintendo as "Sell" and Sony/Microsoft as "Buy."

The general consensus around the stock scene is that Sony and Microsoft will begin to take back market share as they counter the Wii this holiday season. Stock analysts are saying that the efforts by Sony and Microsoft to put out simpler games and lower their prices will payoff big.

Nintendo’s stock has risen 68% since the release of Wii, but that isn’t phasing investors. Despite the recent success, investors are jumping ship faster than a PS3 exclusive.

I have a hard time believing this analysis though. It seems to me that Nintendo has so thoroughly dominated consumer mindshare that most casual gamers would never even consider the prospect of buying a PS3/Xbox 360.

I think that these investment types are also underestimating the true selling power of Mario. Mario is such an all-appealing game that not only will it be a massive hit with current Wii owners, but it could very well usher in an all new wave of popularity for Wii. Bringing retail grunts to their wits end as they have to repeat for the hundredth time, "No, we don’t have any more Wii’s in stock…please stop calling Mrs. Johnson."

Maybe I’m wrong. It’s been known to happen from time to time. There’s only one man of whom we can assure accuracy! It is said that whenever need is dire…all one needs to do is sound the call and he’ll be there to sooth the gaming future.


(I’m sure he’ll be here soon to clear up these murky waters.)


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