Stranger buys kid a 360 on Halo 3 launch night

Master chief homemadeRandom acts of kindness are seldom, if not extremely rare, in this day and age. Even rarer are when these acts of kindness involve complete strangers bearing expensive gifts.

However it does happen and it happened last night in Kenhorst, PA. A 17 year-old, named Andrew Valentino, showed up at a Game Crazy store dressed in full Master Chief garb — a suit that he crafted himself over the course of two weeks. He finished making it only a mere seven hours prior to launch.

When a competing store heard of Andrew’s suit, they swiftly offered him $60 and transportation to their store for promotional usage. The amazing part about this story? Andrew doesn’t even own an Xbox 360.

When a stranger in line heard that Andrew spent two weeks on his suit and wasn’t even able to enjoy the fruits of his labor by picking up a copy of Halo 3, the anonymous man went ahead and purchased Andrew a brand new Xbox 360 system. The man didn’t want to release his name and didn’t even mention what he did for Andrew.

It’s nice to hear about these things once in a while and it really puts a damper on the argument that the anti-videogamers like to spout. It shows that we all aren’t blood-crazed murderers who run around with no souls. No amount of downplaying or criticism can shroud the fact that video games can bring human beings together and allow us to do good deeds.

The cynical may point out that it could just be a viral marketing scheme for Microsoft. While I highly doubt it due to the marketing machine that is Halo and Bungie, coupled with the fact that Halo 3 doesn’t really need anymore hype, I figured this is a valid point… although I really hope that it’s true.

master chief and 360

[via Albotas]


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