Stranglehold loosens grip. Now region free

JohnWooStrangleholdIn response to practically the entire internet rising up in a tidal wave that sought to engulf all that was Midway, the Official Stranglehold Blog is stating the game will now be region free. This will allow gamers to import the title from other territories to play on any PS3.

Also in Stranglehold news today, is word from a European executive that when all is said and done, Stranglehold will have cost them $30 million. A good bit of this budget will probably be spent on marketing as the game gets nearer to release. The executive suggests that Stranglehold is probably the most expensive game currently in development.

However, not to worry says he. Because according to him, Stranglehold will be the number 1 selling game this holiday season. Uhh…multiplatform or not, that’s going to be a tough nut to crack. When Halo 3 goes double platinum before it even releases, you’re going to be hard pressed to catch up.


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