Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone…..yes, iPhone


The iPhone/iPod Touch platform is becoming a powerful medium for gaming and more and more big console franchises are making iPhone specific versions of their titles for Apple’s little device. We’ll just have to place this announcement in the "I never even imagined this would be possible" category. Capcom has announced that Street Fighter IV will be gracing the iPhone platform in March. The iPhone version will be almost a straight port of the console versions, using the same character models, just scalled down to the iPhone’s graphical power. Capcom is also promising a large roster of characters, featuring both classic brawlers and newcomers, along with their complete move sets. Ultra combos will also be present and no animations have been cut out of this version.

Virtual controls have always been bothersome on the iDevices, but Capcom is promising that they will have a fully customizable control set for players. You will be able to set button placement, transparency, and set up. A Dojo Mode will also be present, so portable pugilists will be able to practice their moves and get used to the controls before jumping into single player or the bluetooth multiplayer. We’ll have to see how Capcom can pull this one off, but I can now say that I won’t be surprised if Modern Warfare 2 shows up on the App Store.



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