Students+Halo 3 = Absences?

class roomThe possible scenario for Tuesday, September 25, 2007: mass amounts of people are missing from school and work. The regular commute traffic lightens. The streets seem to be barren. What has happened? Was there an alien abduction or was there an unknown virus or sickness that attacked our population?

Well sort of. Some schools are bemoaning the fact that part of their student body will disappear from their respective locations due to the Halo 3 launch. While the normal citizenry will be going to their respective haunts and cubbyholes on Tuesday, some of the Halo faithful will be playing hooky to spend some time with Halo 3.

Some students have already proclaimed their intentions. Dane Mitchell, a college sophomore at Cincinnati State said:

"I’ve already talked to my teachers and got my assignments for Tuesday. I don’t plan on going to class. I’m going to pick up the game at midnight from GameStop, go to a friend’s house, and play it for 36 hours. That’s what we did before, when Halo 2 came out, my senior year in high school. I can’t believe my parents let me skip school to play it."

Dane has one cool set of parents.

Sean Faust, a high school senior from Alexandria, Kentucky said, "At my school, at least 50 kids are getting it at the midnight release. I’m not going to lie. I know about 15 kids who are going to skip school Tuesday, maybe even myself. You’ve been wanting it for so long, that once you get it you just don’t want to put it down…"

So how will the general workforce react to the release of Halo 3? While no estimates are coming in about how many people will call in sick or just take a vacation day to play Halo 3, the initial reviews of the game seem to indicate that it just might be worth it to take a little R&R for Halo 3…not that we’re condoning this activity or anything…

[via usatoday]



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