Successor to Geometry Wars announced

Geometry WarsDespite all reason, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved became the closest thing to a killer app the Xbox 360 had at launch. Onlookers were wowed by it’s graphical glory, and players were ensconced within it’s rock solid gameplay that hearkened back to an era of games long since passed.

Given all that, we can be understandably excited when a successor is announced. Unfortunately, there’s a reason I use the word "successor" and not "sequel." Bizarre Creations (developer of the PGR series and Geometry Wars) announced today that there will be a new Geometry Wars game included with PGR4.

They are refusing to dub it a sequel though, leaving many to speculate exactly what we will see when PGR4 hits shelves. Will it be a graphical upgrade? Hard to imagine. It’s anyone’s guess.

Apparently though, Bizarre Creations knows how many people love Geometry Wars, because it seems like they’re going to use it as a selling point for PGR4. You see, the new Geometry Wars, dubbed Geometry Wars: Waves, won’t be available on Xbox Live…only by purchasing PGR4.

Don’t fret too much, all of you 2D-shooter-loving-3D-racer-hating blokes out there still have hope. Geometry Wars: Waves is almost certain to hit XBLA at some point. The original made an obscene amount of money with a comparatively tiny installed base. You can rest assured, there’s a 99.9% chance GW:W will come out on XBLA.

[via Kotaku]


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