Super Smash Bros. Brawl shortages are real

ssbb smallFor all the innovation that Nintendo can kick out, how is it that the company still can’t handle a simple problem such as having enough units of a product to sell come launch day?

If the lack of Wiis wasn’t bad enough, there are now reports coming in that the launch of Super Smash Brothers Brawl is hitting the import scene hard. Sites like PlayAsia are only promising between fifteen to twenty-five percent of the original pre-orders being filled–with a rumored wait being well into February.

Other sites are saying the lack of games is not as bad as it may seem, and the delay of units may only stretch until the weekend.

Let’s hope.

Now I like Nintendo, but this is getting ridiculous. The shortage of Wiis is understandable because from what I hear, making hardware is not the quickest thing to change on the fly. But a game? How is it that every other company out there can meet demand and Nintendo continually has troubles with it?

Is it that they are too modest in their predictions? Possibly, but with Nintendo’s success I can’t imagine the attitude around the office being humble. I know this may seem like an overreaction to something that may be resovled quickly, but we shouldn’t let Nintendo slide when it comes to meeting supply issues. It shouldn’t be a chore to enjoy the games Nintendo churns out without delays or shortages.

[Via Kotaku]


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