Swim in Scrooge’s Money Bin at iam8bit Entertainment System

Scrooge's Money Bin

Ever want to swim around in Scrooge McDuck’s gold? If you’re in LA starting this Friday, June 7th, you’ll have your chance.

To celebrate DuckTales Remastered, Capcom is teaming with iam8bit to build a replica of Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin for the opening of iam8bit Entertainment System, a gallery of videogame-related art from over 80 artists.

The  Money Bin will feature countless gold coins and other treasures from DuckTales lore (Green Cheese of Longevity!) in a 10X10 structure that fans can play around in. Think of it like the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese, only ten thousand times better.

The gallery (and money pit) will open to the public Friday and stay open through June 30th, with special hours during E3 2013. Who’s going to swim with the riches?


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Jason lives and breathes gaming. Legend tells that he taught himself to read using Wheel of Fortune Family Edition on the NES. He's been covering this industry for three years, all with the Node, and you can see his ugly mug once a week on Hot Off The Grill.

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