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By Anthony LaBella, February 29, 2012 0 GN, Videos

Gravity Rush, a visually striking Vita game, was originally announced as a “launch window” title for the new Sony handheld. Now it turns out Vita owners in North America will have to wait a bit longer to play the unique… Read More »

By Anthony LaBella, February 15, 2012 1 GN

It’s no surprise that the next main entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise is coming out next, but a set release date has now been revealed: October 30. During a Ubisoft financials call, company CEO Yves Guillemot talked briefly about… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, January 17, 2012 1 GN

Rockstar Games will have fans waiting a couple more months for their long-awaited return to the Max Payne series with Max Payne 3. The third-person shooter will now be hitting the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 first on May 15… Read More »

By Brad Tramel, January 9, 2012 0 GN

According to Beachhead Studios head Chacko Sonny, Call of Duty Elite’s free mobile app will be available for iOS smartphones tomorrow and Android a week later. He also revealed that a PC version is next on the to-do list, with… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, December 20, 2011 0 GN

Capcom may be working on a reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, but it isn’t forgetting to honor the series’ roots with the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which the developer/publisher announced will be arriving April 3, 2012 in… Read More »