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By Jason Fanelli, February 10, 2012 0 GN

If you’re no stranger to Rock Band 3, if you know the rules (and so do I), then make sure to never say goodbye to Harmonix’s music game this Valentine’s Day. Rock Band 3 is getting RickRolled. The 80s love… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, December 24, 2010 2 Features

Welcome to GamerNode’s 2010 Nodie Awards! Once again, GamerNode has improved upon our annual awards presentation, and will be bringing you our most extensive list of Nodie Awards categories and nominees in our 5-year history. For 2010, which was yet… Read More »

By Matt Erazo, December 6, 2010 0 Features

Out of all the new features being introduced in Rock Band 3, Pro Mode was easily the most interesting and revolutionary. It bridges the gap between playing plastic arcade instruments and playing real instruments. Harmonix even said that the mode… Read More »