Team Fortress 2 haunted with Halloween special


The denizens of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 appear to have gotten themselves transported to a very scare-tacular place. As the game’s first Halloween-themed content pack, frightening new achievements, items and a brand new map are available to those who seek them out…if you dare!

A fresh KOTH map entitled Harvest sticks players into a haunted farmland area complete with shambling zombies and restless ghosts. These poltergeists aren’t there just for parlor tricks, either; one good look at their ghoulish faces and you’ll be frozen in fear, unable to move for a few seconds. What could be better than a (supposedly) fearless Heavy cowering at the sight of the wandering ghost of Zepheniah Mann?

In conjunction with the spectral hijinks of Harvest, Valve has continued the entertaining meta-game of collecting headgear by adding in some Mildy Disturbing Hats that can be obtained if all five of the new Halloween achievements are completed.

The new achievements focus on specific events that transpire within the holiday event; "Scared Stiff," for example, might involve surviving being chilled to the bone by a wandering ghost.

Heavies wearing scruffled top-hats? Scouts wearing flimsy paper bag masks? Exploding pumpkins? I don’t think I can resist the fear much longer.

For more information on the event and a full list of the new achievements, check out TF2‘s official website here.



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