Team Fortress 2 Review

Since the day the Team Fortress 2 beta went live, I’ve never gotten so into an online FPS before. Sure, the game is extremely fun, but there was another reason why I was attracted to the game. TF2 was an online FPS that I started from the get-go with, meaning the playing-field was even. There were other online FPS that I’ve tried getting into and I would just get annihilated because of the sheer number of veteran players. I don’t know about you, but getting headshotted just seconds into a match started for while gets pretty old.

Another reason why I loved TF2 is because of its presentation and stylized-action. As you can tell, Valve did away with the realistic military simulator feel that the HL-mod TF was originally going to be. Honestly, I feel TF2 wouldn’t have gotten the immense accolade and buzz its already received if it was modeled after realistic military models. The Pixar-like style TF2 tends to downplay the over-the-top action and violence in the game without detracting from the experience. Have you seen a Heavy explode into tiny little pieces?

The game’s 9 classes all have their own personalities and they’re a riot to hear in-game. Big props to the facial and body animations too; just hearing the Heavy laugh in sheer delight while mowing down enemies or the Demoman unveiling his special "boom" friend always brings a smile to my face.

Each class has a clearly defined role and when things go well in a round, it’s an awesome experience. Their abilities all also have a clearly defined counter-attack. Having some Engineers built up turrets to defend a control-point is a fine strategy, but be wary of spies since they can quickly take out turrets under the cloak of disguise. Sure, there are things to be tweaked, but Valve has been on the ball with rolling out daily or weekly updates — the Pyro got some extra love while the Demoman has been battling with some grenade tweaks. 

There’s only 6 levels and most of them either utilize a capture-point map or a control-point map scheme. Dustbowl, for example, only has two capture-points, which can make for quick matches while rounds on Well may be a bit longer due to having more points. I’ve seen so many memorable moments while going through all the different maps; seeing 4 newly spawned players getting wrecked by the train in Well, amassing 15 assists in one life as a Medic while partnered up with a Heavy, dominating 3 different players at once as a Medic and running alongside a Pyro as he lights up enemies during the opening swarm in Dustbowl are just tips of the iceberg of memorable moments. 

I love statistics, so having all of my top kills and assists updated on-the-fly is always a plus. There’s something about getting recognized for your achievements that makes you pumped to continue pushing to break your own records. Heck, Valve even alludes to this in their developer’s commentary, which are an excellent add as well. 

The "finished" TF2 is finally in our hands and it definitely held up to its years of development. The action is fast-paced and furious, the game’s presentation is hilarious and exciting and the gameplay is very easily approachable. Experiment with a few classes or stick with one, but do anything to get your hands on TF2. It’ll be an online experience you won’t forget.


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