Tecmo producer says "Heavenly Sword is half-assed"

heavenly sword awesomeEven though Ninja Theory’s upcoming action game Heavenly Sword appears to be nothing more than a slightly more over-the-top version of God of War with a female badass, I’m sure people won’t have a problem with that because it’s an over-the-top version of God of War with a female badass. But Tecmo producer Itagaki Tomonobu begs to differ.

According to the latest issue of EGM, Tomonobu said, "I’ve never played a good game where the developers put a big icon of the button you’re supposed to press on screen. I look at Heavenly Sword and it seems pretty half-assed, because it’s asking you to do all these button-timing sequences but you are not getting much payoff from it."

Ouch, but we can’t have a debate without a response! So Heavenly Sword producer Kyle Shubel replied saying the reason for displaying the button for the player is because normally, these feats will be pretty hard to pull-off in the game. "…The intent of the Hero sequences is to empower the player to experience events that would be nearly impossible to play in a natural platforming state…[after explaining a Hero sequence]…that would be a frustrating experience to 99 percent of our users if we were to force them to do that manually."

Other minor game details include a September 12th release date, and 12-15 hours of gameplay compacted into 6 acts with 48 missions.

[Via Gamers-Creed]


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