Teen gets phonebook instead of PS3 in box

phonebookApparently the Grinch hasn’t just stolen Christmas; he’s also stolen one boy’s PS3. According to a story by Fox11 news of Thousand Oaks, California, the parents of a lucky 13 year-old decided to buy their son a PS3 with some sweet games. That’s the good news.

The bad news is when he opened his PS3 box, he found a phonebook instead.

He took the incident in good nature and laughed about it, but his parents weren’t very amused as they forked out over $500 for the machine and games at their local EB store. The parents will be going back to complain about the incident. Apparently, it seems that someone at the store did the switch and took home the PS3, then placed the phonebook in the box as a substitute.

I know people complain about EB’s trade-in values, but come on…

If the individual is caught, he or she will be facing felony charges for the purloined PlayStation 3.

For the full television report, click here.


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