The 30-Day Gamer Challenge – Day 25

Super Spike V'ball

A game that makes you want to stop playing video games

Well I have to look at this from a slightly different perspective than one might initially consider, because I don’t know that any games make me want to give up the hobby completely. It’s kinda my job, after all, and I’ve been doing it since I was a wee lad. I love video games, even if I like to take lengthy breaks from them to experience the rest of what the world has to offer.

And that’s how I look at this question: Which game makes me want to drop the controller temporarily and go do other things. Well, most sports games do that quite easily. If I had to pick one, maybe one of my favorites from back in the day, Super Spike V’ball for the NES. I am an admittedly addicted volleyball player, and this is still the best (or at least my personal favorite) volleyball game to date. The only bad part about it is that it makes me want to immediately drop what I’m doing and hit the courts (I live only a couple of blocks from the beach, after all).

So yeah, in a way, one of my favorite games makes me want to stop playing games. Weird.

Day 25 = Super Spike V’ball
Day 24 = Shadow of the Colossus
Day 23 = Goldeneye 007
Day 22 = No More Heroes
Day 21 = Shenmue
Day 20 = Left 4 Dead 2
Day 19 = The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Day 18 = Goldeneye 007
Day 17 = Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Day 16 = Beyond Good & Evil
Day 15 = Killer7
Day 14 = The 7th Saga
Day 13 = ANY Silent Hill game
Day 12 = Peggle
Day 11 = Demon’s Souls
Day 10 = Chrono Trigger
Day 9 = Shadow of the Colossus
Day 8 = Super Mario Bros. 3
Day 7 = Braid
Day 6 = Passage
Day 5 = Gears of War
Day 4 = Final Fantasy X
Day 3 = Animal Crossing
Day 2 = Too Human
Day 1 = Braid


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