The 30-Day Gamer Challenge – Day 27


The funniest game you’ve played

Tim Schafer. All of his games. Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished Brutal Legend because the RTS mechanics are kinda awful, but it appeared to have a hilarious plot and characters, and got me laughing quite a few times in the early goings. Shafer’s other games, including Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, and the Monkey Island franchise, are all consistently well written and notably funny.

If forced to select just one of these, I would have to go with Psychonauts. Being a platformer as opposed to an adventure game, Psychonauts‘ plot tends to be more designer-directed than player-directed, and can therefore be delivered to better comedic effect than the slower-paced, more emergent narrative of the others. I’m also far more familiar with its content, which is unbelievably zany.

This is actually one of my favorite games, and its sense of humor certainly doesn’t hurt that fact.

Day 27 = Psychonauts
Day 26 = Penumbra: Black Plague
Day 25 = Super Spike V’ball
Day 24 = Shadow of the Colossus
Day 23 = Goldeneye 007
Day 22 = No More Heroes
Day 21 = Shenmue
Day 20 = Left 4 Dead 2
Day 19 = The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Day 18 = Goldeneye 007
Day 17 = Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Day 16 = Beyond Good & Evil
Day 15 = Killer7
Day 14 = The 7th Saga
Day 13 = ANY Silent Hill game
Day 12 = Peggle
Day 11 = Demon’s Souls
Day 10 = Chrono Trigger
Day 9 = Shadow of the Colossus
Day 8 = Super Mario Bros. 3
Day 7 = Braid
Day 6 = Passage
Day 5 = Gears of War
Day 4 = Final Fantasy X
Day 3 = Animal Crossing
Day 2 = Too Human
Day 1 = Braid


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